SENSEI Enterprise is a video conferencing software that leverages augmented reality assistance to provide:

  • One touch connection between novices and experts for remote guidance anywhere around the world
  • Communication through 3D models, drawings, documentation, text, voice, and video
  • Improved and Fast customer service
  • Reduction in internal operation costs
  • Improvement in after sales customer support

Sensei App Demo

Platform that connects expert with novice at one touch for guidance on machine troubleshooting.

AI, Big Data and IoT integration

New Feature on top of AR platform that allows an expert to pull up relevant data from cloud like serial number, installation date etc for all connected devices.

Benefits of Sensei

  • Uses augmented reality to provide an enhanced, and tailored, customer service experience
  • Utilizes universally-recognized visual interactions to overcome language and terminology barriers
  • Allows for instant support, eliminating customer scheduling grievances and employee travel time
  • Promotes continued maintenance to prevent future failures of equipment, machinery, and appliances
  • Cuts downtime and reduces foregone profits while equipment, machinery, and appliances sit in need of repair
  • Reduces the cost of professional support and training

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