Augmented Reality is the bridge between imagination and reality, see the world from a brand new angle beyond 3D.

Don’t limit yourself to the flat screen: stream line your business and offer unparalleled customer engagement.

We develop software that powers the latest generation of affordable Augmented Reality Solutions on Smartphones and Smartglasses.

Augmented Reality in the Museum

Check out in this video how our augmented reality solution brings history alive to museums and art galleries. Built on top of our cutting edge AR SDK, every piece of the solution is fine tuned to perform the best in its class.

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  • All-in-one cross-platform Augmented Reality solutions from the ground up (including object recognition, detection, tracking and 3D rendering) for Android, iOS and Smart glasses (including Google Tango, ODG)
  • Enabling augmented reality anywhere on any object (industrial, homes, games, sales, museums, art galleries and so on), only limit is your imagination
  • Seamlessly augmenting any kind of digital content (scripts, voice, images, video, 3D graphics, web links) on top of real 2D/3D objects
  • Robust markerless object detection and tracking without engineering the scene (no more ugly markers)
  • State-of-the-art image recognition (local device or cloud recognition) and real-time tracking to enable appealing user experiences
  • Fast recovery to regain tracking in case of tracking failure (such as blurred images caused by camera shake or fast motion)
  • More than augmentation, a natural way of interaction and engagement for end users