Capactive Touch Screen

10 Touch Points

Operating System

Windows 7/8

Touch Screen Hardware

Fiber Glass, Aluminum Alloy Frame, High Gloss Touch

Torii360° Functions

360 degree views

Property Specifications

Interactive Neighbourhood

Responsive touchscreens

Detailed 3D models

Torii360° Features

Benefits offered are

viewing building design, construction, internal navigation of apartment/house. Further users can explore floor plan, finishing options and user-friendly experience in realistic sense. Option to modify interiors such as walls, flooring etc. We give users a power to enhance the experience of viewing off plan developments.

Torii360° Benefits

Increased conversion rates
Saving time
Saving cost and other misc resources
Property cycles are shortened
Open end interaction with customers and give them unique experience in choosing their own designs and layouts

How we can work for you

Customer request

After Service

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Project Handover


Project Development

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