Shogun is an out-of-the-box high precision tracking solution offering real-time 2D/3D positioning for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

The positioning accuracy of Shogun is up to 2 inches(5 cm) using the latest Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology. With configurable update frequency, it is high scalable and ready to challenge all types of project requirement.


Base stations

Base stations are designed to receive positioning signals transmitted by tags, and relay it to background positioning engine through wired or wireless means. It provides different ways of installation such as suspended ceiling mount and wall mount.



Tags are used to transmit positioning signals which is received by the tracking stations in real time. Depending on the form of tags as well as designated update frequency, battery in it could last more than 180 days. Tags can also be customized to to suit client needs.

Open API

Shogun API supports TCP, UDP, Web Services and other forms of interface for third-party system integration such as GIS system, VR/AR system, asset management system, video surveillance  and etc.


Zero Dimensional (Presence Detection)

Detects whether tags are present

Two Dimensional (Office, Factory, Store)

Location within X,Y plane

One Dimensional (Tunnel)

Location along X-axis

Three Dimensional (Complex environment)

Location within 3D space (X,Y,Z)


Real-time tracking

In Shogun coordinates are transmitted in configurable frequencies. Higher frequency are for application such as athletes tracking while lower frequency conserves battery significantly.


Location History

Location history can be stored on Shogun Tracking Engine server for easy query access.

Unique ID

Each tracking target are assigned a 64-bit globally ID assuring unique identiry.

              Intuitive map display

Import Google map, AutoCAD drawings and map it with our map management system. Indoor and outdoor tracking transitions are seamless.


Our map management system allows predefined zone types. Custom alarms can be programmed for access group based policies

Video surveillance

PTZ cameras can be set up to follow specific tracking targets. 


Panic Alarm

Panic alarm can be triggered at system level or by tag holders. Once alarm is triggered, tags will be notified according to predefined rules. Real time location dashboard during alarm makes evacuation plan execution easier.


Shogun Tracking works with most of HR system to provide automatic attendance calculation.

The Shogun Advantages

High accuracy

Up to 2 inches (5 cm)

Stable and robust

Powerful signal penetration with multi-path capability

High capacity

Easily tracks 2000+ tags even with our minimal environment

Real-time performance

0.1-50 hz configurable update frequency range

Long battery life

Intelligent power control with long standby hours

Low radiation

Equivalent of one percent of the cellular phone radiation level


Base Stations



Intrinsically Safe



Power Industry

Tracking Tags



Vehicle Mount

Intrinsically Safe


Tamper Proof Wristband


Warehouse & Logistics

Energy & Chemical


Smart Power


Tunnel Construction

Construction Site

Pipe Gallery

Physical Training


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