World-leading Learning Platform

Monbu online education platform is developed based on the world’s top open source project – Open edX. Open edX was founded at MIT and Harvard University. It was designed and released in 2013 and is maintained by thousands of developers worldwide.

More than 1000
More than 1 Million
Users Worldwide

Monbu Advantages

We provide you with professional education live broadcasting, dual teacher classrooms, corporate training, video on demand and a fully loaded online school system.

Product Features

Learning management

Custom domain
Advisory center
Rapid deployment
UI customization
Performance report
Student Portal

Teaching management

Course catalog
Course progress
Course calendar
Course upload
Course grading
Online Exams

Online courses

Lecturer management
Student management
Class notes
Grade assignment
Completion Certificate
Course purchase

Course features

Public class
Course discussion
Class reminder
Live class recording
Class attendance

Live class

Screen sharing
Group discussion
Pop-up quiz

Exam management

Support of multiple forms
Automatic review
Mock exam
Real exam
Mistake practice
Exam analysis

Load Balancing

Our auto-scaling cluster scales up when traffic increases, scales down when traffic demand decreases. This system even allows upgrades and maintenance without downtime.

Usage Based Blling

Pay only for what you use. We don't charge any upfront set up fee. Usage based pricing model means much lower TCO

Dynamic Streaming

Both Monbu Virtual Classroom and VoD system automatically detects client bandwidth and chooses best streaming rate, which basically means better user experience at lower cost.


Multi-language Support

34 languages comes built-in in Monbu​​ which is displayed automatically based on user system. Building an international online school is as easy as giving us a call!


Circuit simulators help students understand circuit principles with real-time interaction.

Drag-and-drop input makes problem solving more intuitive and fun, according to studies, interactive learning also helps students strengthen their memory.

Upon completion of study, an certificate can be generated automatically which can be validated online 24/7 

Powerful custom Python programs allow students to run Python programs in browser in real time.

Programmable JavaScript extension allows complex script programs to be run on front-end pages.

A 3D model viewer for medical, chemistry, model making, game development, industrial modeling and other courses.

Trusted by top organizations worldwide



Basic features of Monbu, best for individual users, <20 student accounts
$ 699 USD per month
  • Installation and hosting
  • Maintenance and upgrade
  • Custom domain name
  • YouTube streaming
  • SSL certificate
  • 100 emails per month
  • Community support
  • Theming *


Best for schools or small businesses with <500 students
$ 1269 USD per month
  • Installation and hosting
  • Maintenance and upgrade
  • Custom domain name
  • YouTube streaming
  • Private video streaming: 1TB
  • Virtual classroom: 1TB
  • SSL Certificate
  • 10000 emails per month
  • Certification
  • 1TB storage **
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Community support
  • Email support
  • Theming *


Medium to large schools, organizations, enterprises, unlimited student accounts
$ 3999 USD per month
  • Installation and hosting
  • Maintenance and upgrade
  • Custom domain name
  • YouTube streaming
  • Private video streaming: 5TB
  • Virtual classroom: 5TB
  • SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited emails
  • Certification
  • 5TB storage **
  • Real time monitoring
  • High availability
  • Load balancing
  • API
  • Custom mobile app
  • Theming *
  • Community support
  • Email support
  • Phone support