Sensei - AR based remote assistance platform

- One touch connection between novices and experts for remote guidance anywhere around the world
- Communication through 3D models, drawings, documentation, text, voice, and video
- Improved and Fast customer service
- Reduction in internal operation costs
- Improvement in after sales customer support

Sensei Advantages

Uses augmented reality to provide an enhanced, and tailored, customer service experience

Promotes continued maintenance to prevent future failures of equipment, machinery, and appliances

Utilizes universallyRecognized visual interactions to overcome language and terminology barriers

Cuts downtime and reduces foregone profits while equipment, machinery, and appliances sit in need of repair

Allows for instant support, eliminating customer scheduling grievances and employee travel time

Reduces the cost of professional support and training

For Users

Receive remote assistance from the world’s best experts
  • Receive instant support from experts with the help of images, 3D animations, text, voice or drawings
  • Marker-less tracking for better user experience
  • Access to a worldwide pool of experts
  • Advanced rating system allowing users to choose the best specialists
  • Cross-platform solution, compatible with smartphones, tablets, desktops and smart glasses

For Experts

Provide your expertise to the world
  • Significantly reduces travel expenses
  • Comprehensive enterprise management portal
  • Built atop secure private cloud
  • Encrypted communication
  • IaaS platform with IoT integration
  • Fully redundant and load-balanced architecture to reduce system downtime


  • Machine learning and AI to identify customers' hardware and retrieve relevant information.
  • AI to identify customers’ hardware, retrieve relevant information, and provide long-term analytics.
  • API for Integration with content management systems, and internet-connected (IoT) devices.
  • Encrypted communication to ensure privacy.
  • Comprehensive enterprise management portal.
  • Cross-platform: Available for IOS, Android, Windows,HoloLens, and select smart glasses.


Sensei provides a user friendly environment for working together as if in the same room. Users and experts can connect like never before.


Sensei erases the distance between users and experts. Give and receive help from anywhere on the globe.


Cross-platform support allows you to stay connected with your experts whether you are on a mobile device, laptop or smart glasses.

Solve your problems

Megan was alone at home. The wall hanging stove suddenly broke down and met with a snowstorm. In such bad weather, it was almost impossible for maintenance workers to come.

What should she do?

Pilot aircraft

Mike dreamed of becoming a pilot. He finally got the qualification of a pilot. Today is Mike’s first solo flight. He’s a little nervous.

See how he uses Sensei to overcome tension!

Play the piano

Lucas is addicted to using mobile phones and even Internet phones to learn piano lessons remotely.

Watch the video to see how Lucas used Sensei to connect with his piano teacher.

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