Creative Destruction Labs, Toronto: Building Massively Scalable Companies

We are a company in Toronto, Canada that has history of developing, launching and promoting multiple enterprise software products that revolve around precise advance technologies promoting IoT, AI and AR/VR. Creative Destruction Labs Toronto, a unique program which takes no equity and charges no fees to the participating companies as it is funded through philanthropy. CDL’s objective-setting process enhances the performance of technical founders who learn from the insights of experienced entrepreneurs, increasing their probability of success. We happened to get accepted at CDL in Sept 2018 and the process lasted until March of 2019. It was a fantastic journey where we got to meet amazing mentors from all over the world that worked at Lufthansa, Emirates, Google Ventures, Rogers and other established organisations. We were fortunate enough to graduate out of this program and generate business through one of other participating companies in Space sector called Leap Biosystems. The program not only shaped our product strategy but heavily impacted us in narrowing our target markets in Asia and North America. It helped us in strategizing our key funding initiatives and shaped our knowledge on raising bridge funds, valuation techniques and ideas on Series-A money. 

We were fortunate to interact and work with some amazing CDL staff and gather insightful knowledge on assessing progress of company and work on some immediate short term monthly goals. CDL-Max was a great opportunity to pitch our product in front of global experts and about 350 CDL mentors with an open chance on making on the spot investments and appreciate entrepreneur’s product, idea and vision. 

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