Monbu – Online Learning Revised: Crafted OpenEdx on Kubernetes that eliminates complete need of IT support staff and physical servers

We are a company in Toronto, Canada that has history of developing, launching and promoting multiple enterprise software products that revolve around precise advance technologies promoting IoT, AI and AR/VR. Having a successful track record in selling these software they planned to launch a new online education platform that is scalable, feature rich and instantly deployable. Monbu is a new age online learning platform that is crafted using OpenEdX platform revolving around concepts and technology of Kubernetes. OpenEdX was founded by Harvard and MIT in 2013 that maintained thousands of developers worldwide. Its a clean open source project that promotes online education having more than 45 million worldwide users to date. 

Product Features and Security
Monbu includes some amazing features that promote online education through live classes, live class recording features, examination system, teaching management, and top level architecture that includes video on-demand and customized teaching portal. It comes with load balancing that would completely eliminate need of peak traffic management, flexible computing resource allocation and dynamic bit rate that would get adjusted based on client’s device using live broadcast. Monbu comes with multi-language support and presence in more than 60 countries with about 45M users worldwide.
Monbu effectively partners with AWS (Amazon Web Service) has hosts all content and infrastructure on world’s leading cloud platform. This provides more reliability, flexibility, and lower latency cloud computing solution that would enable rapid scaling. It functions on advanced Kubernetes platform that very fast, efficient and more secure than all traditional VM deployment models.

Product Description:

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